December 6th, 2017

CU Closets: Eloise West

Name: Eloise West

School, Year: Barnard 2020

Major: Psychology

Campus involvement: Researcher in the Barnard Cognitive Development Center

What are you wearing today and why did you pick it out/what was your thought process?

I woke up this morning and it was cold and rainy so I wanted something cozy and comfy. I’m wearing my tricolor red, yellow, and green doc martens, muji skinny jeans (I was surprised to find they have the most comfortable skinny jeans!), a polka dot button down, a green wool cardigan my mom got when she was my age in England, a tan beret and a ouija board scarf from spirit Halloween.


What music are you listening to right now?

Tigermilk by Belle & Sebastian. Not only is it one of my favorites, it’s also one of the only albums I can listen to while studying.

How would you describe your style? Your approach to beauty?

A friend once told me that I pick out clothes not according to general style or brand, but rather by color and fit. I definitely think that is true, I get a lot of my clothes from thrift stores and don’t often pay attention to the label. Most of my clothes are picked out from colors, cuts, or patterns that catch my eye in store. Because of that, my style is pretty hard to define and not very cohesive, but full of pieces that are very dear to me.

My approach to beauty is whatever makes me feel most comfortable! This changes constantly — sometimes what makes me feel most comfortable is electric blue eyeliner and purple lipstick, and sometimes it’s bare moisturized skin. My approach to style and beauty isn’t so much as an approach as it is a chance encounter with whatever speaks to me on a particular day.


How has moving/living in New York influenced your style?

Just literal proximity to stylish clothes influences me. Because there are so many stylish people in New York, there are a lot of really great pieces in thrift stores!


If you could, who would you swap closets with?

David Bowie.

What are your current favorite and least favorite trends?

I love sunglasses with funky colored lenses. I’m not a fan of the skinny heeled boots I keep seeing everywhere, but that’s mostly because I can’t walk in them.


What is your favorite item in your closet, and why?

My vintage postcard dress. It’s a very unique find from the 50s, includes some of my favorite colors and I always feel great when wearing it. Also, the French postcards remind me of my mom and childhood summers spent visiting family in France.

What is your favorite accessory that you own, and why?

The bowling shoes I got off of eBay. They say my shoe size on the back and “rental only” on the strap. They have the name of the bowling alley they came from sharpied on the inside and I have done some unsuccessful research to try and locate it. I just think they are a fun (albeit slippery) item and I like to think about their previous life.


What’s your least favorite item and why do you keep it?

A pair of Halloween store red fishnet tights. I wear them out quite a bit and regret it every time—they have no stretch to them and fall down constantly. They do this very unpleasant sag/droop think that is definitely neither attractive nor comfortable.


If you could only shop at one store/brand for the rest of your life, where would it be?

Udelco in Hawthorne, NJ. It’s a thrift store near my hometown that I have been going to since high school. It’s a big warehouse full of large cardboard boxes labeled things like “levi 501s” or “cowboy shirts” or “hippy skirts.” You just dig through the boxes until you find something you like that fits! Nothing has prices on it but it is all super cheap, and it’s always a fun adventure to shop and explore.


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Story by Ally Lozada.

Photographed by Abby Clemente.

Collages by Anisa Tavangar.