November 8th, 2017

Monochrome + Graphic

Monochrome makeup reemerged about a year ago and it hasn’t gone away. Matching the tones on your eyes, lips, and cheeks is the ultimate way to stretch your products and make your makeup for you. With only one product (in this case, three Kryolan Pure Pigments), you can create looks that are as stunning as they are easy to achieve.

Red: the ultimate power color. Balance a bold red eye with a bitten lip look, applying the pigment only to the center of the lips.

A soft peach color works just as well in the daytime as it does at night. Don’t be afraid to go bold on eyes, lips, and cheeks for this one! 

A deep plum on the eye is softer (and more interesting) than a thick black flick. But go light on the cheek to void a Veruca Salt look.


Here’s how to get the look:

Step 1: Prime eyes with concealer and a primer.
(Urban Decay Primer Potion)
Step 2: Draw the outline of the cat eye just above the crease of the eye
(Kryolan Pure Pigments in Plum, Cool Red, and Peach)
Step 3: Use a concealer brush with the same color to fill in the rest of the
eye and paint the color onto the eyelashes.
Step 4: Use a small angled brush with some concealer to make sure the
outer edge of the cat eye is sharp and clean.
Step 5: Used a setting powder to make the whole look matte and to set it in
place without smudging.
(RCMA No Color Powder)
Step 6: Using an small stipple brush, pick up a bit of the same color and
blend it onto the cheeks as blush.
Step 7: For the lips, paint the same color on mostly using a finger and then
blot with a napkin to diffuse and blur the look, so it doesn’t look too harsh.
Step 8: Take a tinted brow gel and brushing up the brows.
(Maybelline Brow Gel)


Directed and photographed by Peyton Ayers

Makeup by Jamie Sutton

Modeled by Tara Abularrage, Joy Lee, and Zoe

Edited and collaged by Anisa Tavangar