September 12th, 2016

NY Fashion Week: Street Style

Twice a year, in February and September, fashion’s finest crowd into spaces across New York City to watch models prance back and forth across runways while wearing the latest trends. But outside those tents, galleries, and event houses, an even more exciting show occurs. Bloggers, models, actors, artists, and influencers (including, sometimes, Hoot editors!) are also on display, trying to catch the lens of street style photographers. The scene outside the shows can be chaotic, with crowds of attendees and photographers trying either to get inside or get their shot. Photographers will chase after celebrities and bloggers, pushing past the rest of the crowd to get their shot. And with all the camera competition, they have to be on their game to catch these high-profile people dashing to and from shows and venues.

Hoot Photo Director Phoebe Jones and Editor-in-Chief Anisa Tavangar hung around outside some shows to try to capture that scene. Check out the photos:


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