February 29th, 2016

Milan Fashion Week: Anna K

With the word “millennial” thrown around so often, we almost forgot what it actually means but Anna K is here to remind us. At 20 years of age and four collections under her belt (shown in Kiev, London, New York, and now Milan), she representations of the power of youth.

Her latest collection, aptly named “Guest From the Future”, takes us out of this world and introduces us to the next generation of intergalactic young women coming from a different space and time. The collection imagines how much power to shape the zeitgeist coming generations will have.


Two groups of fresh-faced models are gathered around two little sofas and tables, facing each other, enlightened by the only two beams of light in an otherwise dark space. (Pic 1)

An orchestral rendition of Lou Reed tunes plays in the background, echoing in the almost empty space. This scene belongs somewhere in between a Victorian Age tea time and a moment in the future where spaceships have replaced commercial airliners.

The girls are coming and going, in turns, bringing out different styles from the collection, which features print-heavy dresses:


as well as more understated garments in pastel tones:


Pleated tops and skirts combined for more feminine looks:


while oversized wool coats:


and knit sweaters with space-themed patches:


create more street-style-savvy ensembles. Shining under the spotlight is a checkered sequined two-piece dress in a ton-sur-ton range of pinks.


The theme of interstellar travel recurs in the shoes presented. Custom slip-on sneakers, wedges and pumps are the result of a collaboration with Milanese shoe designer Giannico, another millennial who has by now earned his space in the current fashion landscape.

A representative for the brand hosting the presentation on behalf of the designer absent from the presentation due to a last minute flu says something that puts the whole collection into perspective— “According to Anna K, not every girl feels like a model, but every woman indeed feels like a girl”. Through these words it’s easier to see how the garments have this fresh and young allure, although not naive. It’s something that a grown woman could wear without feeling out of place. It’s the battle cry of a new generation that doesn’t believe the young should stay in their place and take orders. A bright and refreshing glimpse into a world where the kids are shifting the paradigm of style, the adults of Anna K’s generation are more than happy to follow their own leads.

Written and photographed by Gianfranco Maria Lo Sterzo.