February 12th, 2016

NY Fashion Week: Marissa Webb

Maybe it was the fact that I managed to snag an (empty) front row seat but Marissa Web’s FW16 blew me away. The show effortlessly transitioned from structured, masculine fabrics to weightless dresses in bright colors to innovative layering of textures and opacities. Encompassed in the collection was every kind of piece one would wear— suits, gowns, cocktail dresses, t-shirts. It even ended with the most amazing turtleneck “groutfit” a-la Drake in his Hotline Bling video. This version was beautifully pumped up with a red faux fur coat— maybe something Drizzy can keep in mind for his next video? There were a couple pieces that I wasn’t as thrilled about, namely those adorned with thin bows, but that might be a consequence of my affinity for simple pieces.


The styling of the show was almost as striking as the pieces themselves. Oversized army green jackets were placed over airy floral dresses, creating a balance of hard and soft. Long coats swished over pants and dresses, generating rhythmic movement. Lacy tops and dresses were placed on opaque fabrics, establishing graphic contrast without looking forced. Faux fur coats and vests grounded thin fabrics and brought the bright colors and the grays, the light pieces and the structured ones, together.



Written and photographed by Anisa Tavangar.