February 2nd, 2016

Men’s Fashion Week: Concept Korea

DBYD Fall/Winter 2016 is best described as subtle space. Designer Kang Dong Jun describes the concept as a reference to Spike Jonze’s 2013 dystopic film Her. The palette refers to the protagonist’s emotional state: as his emotion changed, the color of the cinematography reflected this emotional state, alternating from neutral beiges to warm burgundies. The bizarre and inorganic prints featured in DBYD’s F/W collection are distillations from satellite photos from rivers and waterways surrounding London, New York, and Seoul. The designer describes the collection as “masculine slouch,” in reference to the protagonist’s image of a style that is introverted, yet chic. Warm, oversized wool jackets and robes dominated the runway, paired with loose chinos, ¾ hem slacks and embroidered satellite decals.

Though the theme was Hotel People, the Ordinary People F/W ’16 collection proved to be less Grand Budapest and more Hotel California. The collection oozed seventies excess with shearling lined coats, red lens circle frames and floppy hair. Lustworthy fur slides were paired with nostalgic Mick Jagger neckties and smart silk suits and robes. Ordinary People took us on a holiday with easy wide-leg pants, oversized sleeves and an enviable air of irreverence despite a demure palette of dusty rose.

Article by Ursula Cadillo-Johnson
Edited by Jamie Grimstad
Photos © @mapbrown