September 30th, 2015

CU Closets: Luna de Buretel

IMG_2174Name: Luna de Buretel
College/ Class year: CC ’18
Major: Film + Psychology
Involvements on campus: Bacchantae a capella and Latenite Theatre are my favorites <3
How would you describe your style?
This is tough because my style is always changing. Right now its like Parisian influence meets 70s Woodstock meets 90s grunge meets “tennis mom”.
 What are you looking forward to wearing this fall?
I literally love everything about fashion in fall/winter. I’m really looking forward to wearing colours like forest green/burgundy/grey especially. As far as clothes, I’m weirdly looking forward to pairing chunky sweaters/turtlenecks with miniskirts? But I’m also really digging the androgynous look of crisp shirts and tailored trousers with brogues. Comfortable athletic-wear will definitely make an appearance too.

Luna Collage

Where do you do your thrift shopping?
The Goodwill in Greenwich Village is my favorite. Goodwill can be very hit and miss but this one literally has pieces that were plucked out of my dream closet and everything is like $10. I like the Housing Works in Soho too but their prices can be crazy. Also Finderz Keeperz, which is close to school and very affordable (121 W. 116th!!)
What is your go to outfit?
Right now its a white t shirt, mom jeans, white cos slip-on sneakers and a black jacket.
Which item do you wear more than any other?
Either my Nike Air high tops, my reversible black Work Out Life bomber or my American Apparel white denim shirt.
What or who has influenced your sense of style the most?
I have been a long time fan of Alexa Chung, Julia Sarr-Jamois and Rumi Neely – they probably propelled me into actually understanding how to pair pieces and how much your own personality affects your style. More recently I’ve really been loving the styles of Jidenna and Vanessa Hong too. I also think that London/Paris street style has really crept into my look in New York more than it did when I lived there.
If you could get rid of any trend that you see on campus, which one would it be?
Omg. I mean who wouldn’t say the salmon shorts and Sperry’s combo?? I also really don’t like Uggs because they look good with nothing, but I don’t even know if anyone wears those anymore.
What is your favorite MoHi spot?
Joe’s probably. I love Joe’s.
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Photos by Phoebe Jones.