November 13th, 2014

CU Closets: Dylan Cooper

CU Closets is back!

JTS/GS ’18 student Sarah Belz gives Hoot a sneak peek into Columbia students’ wardrobes.


Name: Dylan Cooper

School: CC 2018

Major: Neuroscience & Behavior/ Pre-Med



Dylan defines his style as “All-American.” He enjoys sporting the preppy look, which he believes will always remain trendy. At the same time, Dylan loves to go bold.

“My father told me you ‘got to play the part.'” So if he is playing ball or hitting the gym, that means he is wearing his Adidas or Nike’s latest sportswear. But if he is going to class, he likes to be seen in his bright colored skinny pants topped with a printed shirt.

“We have a family policy not to purchase any full-priced clothes, so everything I own was bought on sale,” he added.



Favorite Fall Outfit:

Vineyard Vines breaker pants or black skinny jeans, topped with either a Lacoste or Brooks Brothers polo with a cardigan.

He likes wearing a bright color pant with a darker top because it makes for a good outfit during this transitional period.



Favorite Shoes:

Dylan reps his Memphis, Tennessee roots by bringing out the Blue Suede Shoes.

“To Boot New York has a great selection of kicks, especially the Medford collection, and if they’re not doing the trick, you can always lace ‘em up with bright colors. I know Johnston and Murphy has inexpensive, fun laces that can brighten up any shoe.”



Go-To Outfit:

“I wear a Pokémon-based yarmulke that has my name on it, a warm smile, a Bonobos Poplin cotton casual shirt, a Vineyard Vines whale belt, Façonnable pants, beige socks, and my To Boot blue suede shoes. It doesn’t get any better than that.”



Most Outrageous Outfit:

“[That] has got to be these Club Monaco graphite pants with a heart print that my girlfriend got for me. I wore them on a date to Times Square, and I’ve never gotten so many looks in my life – people left and right were asking me where I got them from… I haven’t worn them since, but I must admit they were a great gift.”



Most Unique Fashion Collection:

As an Orthodox Jew, Dylan also has a unique yarmulke collection.

“I’m wearing one all day every day – I see that not as a bore, rather as an opportunity.”

Dylan uses his yarmulkes to bring out his inner child. His yarmulkes include characters from childhood hit series, including but not limited to, Pokemon, Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, Rugrats, and Thomas & Friends.


Sarah Belz