April 1st, 2014

CU Closets: Professor Edition

Cristina Jiminez, my Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Cultures teacher, has an eclectic urban vibe that strikes the perfect balance of comfort and sophistication. Profesora Jiminez typically comes to class in a stylish outfit that mixes chunky knitwear with flowing skirts and dresses or fitted pants. Her style is so unique for she fearlessly mixes floral patterns with other prints – this effortless mixture is subtle enough to not be overwhelming and bold enough to not be overlooked!

When asked what type of stores she typically shops at, Cristina responded, “I like stores that are classic with a bit of edge, like Steven Alan”. She also has a sweet spot for Zadig & Voltaire and Comptoir des Cotonniers, shops she often frequented when she lived in Paris. Although she rarely has time to shop due to the fast-paced world of Academia (we know how she feels!), Cristina ends up finding most of her apparel at thrift shops.

Cristina’s chic classroom attire is usually finished off with a patterned scarf, her self-proclaimed favorite article of clothing. These scarves embody Cristina’s style for they maximize fashion and comfort. On the topic of her scarf collection, she states, “I especially like long, silky ones, in pretty prints. I generally dress in browns and blacks and I always feel happy and cozy with a colorful scarf.”

Although Cristina continuously tells me she does not have a particularly interesting sense of style, I (and now you too!) seriously beg to differ!

-Claudia Khoury