March 12th, 2014

CU Closets: Amy Rosales

closets 1

Amy Rosales, BC ’17, hails from Los Angeles, California and pieces of LA can be seen in her sartorial choices. When asked about LA style, she said that LA has a more laid-back fashion scene. Her go-to outfit was a t-shirt and jeans. Now that she lives in New York, Amy is getting better at layering, and she’s found herself wearing less color and turning more to black. “Wearing all black just makes you seem much more put together,” she says. Amy also feels more confident in her fashion decisions now that she’s moved to New York. “I can feel my confidence growing the longer I stay here.” However, she still has a laid-back vibe to her wardrobe.

closets 2

Amy’s ankle boot collection

closets 3

Amy’s signed Iggy Azalea memorabilia


Amy’s interest in fashion extends into her career interests as well. She is currently interning with jewelry designer Anna Ruth Henriques. Even though she’s mainly interested in going in the music and entertainment industry, Amy says that she’s learned a lot from this internship that will definitely be helpful in the future. “The best thing Anna has told me is telling me that everyone will some form of advice for you. You don’t have to push back against it- take it in, absorb everything that they are saying, and then it’s up to you to decide whether or not to act on it. It’s something that I now keep in mind.”


closets 2

Amy’s favorite shirt

closets 1

Amy received this set list from the drummer of “The 1975”. She asked him to write his favorite lyric on it.


Amy co-hosts a WBAR radio show called “The Krasners” alongside her friends Chantal. “For the first 20 minutes of the show, we only play songs by women in the music industry. We wanted to a have a tribute to women who may have been overlooked.” Music plays a huge role in Amy’s life. She counts attending Coachella, the summer music festival in California, as one of her best experiences. She even still wears her Coachella bracelet, almost a year since she last went to the festival. The fashion at Coachella was another aspect of the festival that made her love it even more. “I basically lived in this flower crown my senior year.” Amy’s style is heavily influenced by concerts and movies. Her favorite shirt is a “Clueless” inspired Wildfox shirt that she got from Buffalo Exchange in Long Beach.

closets 4

Amy wearing her flower crown

closets 3

Amy’s Coachella bracelet


Amy has started her own business, called Bless This Mess (, with her friend from back home, which combines their interests in fashion and music. They are planning to design t-shirts that could potentially be sold at music festivals. They also have a music blog attached to the business. Amy and her friend try and make the posts as personal as possible. “We want to make these shirts for girls like us. We want them to be able to relate to us.”



A few of Amy’s previous concert tickets


Amy’s nail polish collection

Amy plans to declare a major in American Studies with a concentration in media and popular culture and a possible minor in economics. “American Studies is a very interdisciplinary major. It combines all of my academic interests.” It seems fitting that Amy’s has an assortment of academic interests. It reflects onto her interesting life beyond Barnard.


-Ama Kwarteng