February 7th, 2016

NY Fashion Week: Timo Weiland

Timo Weiland’s Fall/Winter 2016 show took staple silhouettes and colors and enhanced them above the mundane. Classic pieces like bomber jackets and longline coats were reimagined in a mix of colors, textures, and patterns. Neutral colors punctuated by rich jewel tones and combined with velvets and satin details generated a strong sense of newness throughout the show. As each model stepped onto the runway, the emphasis shifted from blues to greens to reds, all the while maintaining a cohesive spirit through the integration of black, white, brown, and beige pieces and accents. Weiland demonstrates that even in a city obsessed with neutrals, it is possible to wear color without compromising that too-cool-to-care vibe. In fact, the bright colors were integrated so seamlessly that it made the audience wonder why New Yorkers wear so much black. One comment heard across the aisle after the finale walk: “I really need to wear more red.”

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February 2nd, 2016

Men’s Fashion Week: Concept Korea

DBYD Fall/Winter 2016 is best described as subtle space. Designer Kang Dong Jun describes the concept as a reference to Spike Jonze’s 2013 dystopic film Her. The palette refers to the protagonist’s emotional state: as his emotion changed, the color of the cinematography reflected this emotional state, alternating from neutral beiges to warm burgundies. The bizarre and inorganic prints featured in DBYD’s F/W collection are distillations from satellite photos from rivers and waterways surrounding London, New York, and Seoul. The designer describes the collection as “masculine slouch,” in reference to the protagonist’s image of a style that is introverted, yet chic. Warm, oversized wool jackets and robes dominated the runway, paired with loose chinos, ¾ hem slacks and embroidered satellite decals.

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January 19th, 2016

CU Closets: Zachary Schwartz


I met Zach Schwartz in his apartment in Harlem, which has primary color painted walls and an array of his equally colorful sneakers lined up as you walk in. With artist management, an app, and Vice and Playboy bylines on his resume, you’ve probably heard Zach’s name on campus. He talked to me about how being half asian, having an early interest in fashion, and how hip hop paved the way for his personal style.

LDB: What sort of clothes do you like to wear?

ZS: I think clothes are really connected to creativity, how I’m working and how I’m feeling. Recently I’ve worn stuff and I didn’t like it; I walked out and I was wearing a button up and I was just like “nah” and then came back and put on something else. I like to wear all-black. These pants I’m wearing are called “young billionaire” pants–they’re black cotton, by American Apparel. I can wear these when I’m doing visual arts stuff, which is what I study in school, or I can wear these when I’m writing I can wear these with any outfit…so I’ll be wearing them and I’ll be feeling like a young billionaire.

I used to do this thing where I wore two jerseys at the same time. I also wear a lot of stuff people give to me because I write. There have been people who will just give me clothes to wear for articles and I also have friends in fashion who send me clothes to wear.

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December 9th, 2015

Futurefill: The Future of Sustainable Beauty Products


Futurefill is pioneering a movement towards more sustainable beauty and personal care products. The brand reuses and refills product packaging so that it no longer goes into landfills, supporting major social environmental change across the globe. Futurefill is having an profoundly positive impact on the world around us, and tells Hoot Magazine how others can do the same. 

In a couple sentences, can you explain Futurefill to our readers who haven’t heard about it?

Futurefill was created to disrupt the normalcy of throwaway packaging and help students minimize waste. We offer refills of premium personal care products at great value and deliver for free right to your door.

When you visit our website Futurefill.com and order a refill plan for shampoo, conditioner and/or body wash, you can order botanical products with wild-harvested, all natural ingredients from our selection of like-minded ethically and environmentally responsible luxury brands – Cowshed, Red Flower and Rain. Futurefill then delivers your shampoo, conditioner and/or body wash to you. When you start to run low on any product, you can just request a refill on our site. We deliver the refills too and take away the empty bottles to be washed and refilled.

As a reward to students for minimizing waste by refilling, Futurefill offers all products at a substantial discount off retail store prices. And the more you refill, the more you deservedly save.

How did you come up with this concept?

Several years ago, I had just finished working on a film about excessive lifestyles and then happened to watch a film about climate change. I did some research and found this article from Life Magazine in 1955 entitled “Throwaway Living” with this incredible photo, promoting the use of disposable items because they “cut down on chores.”  The article was even plausibly feminist – everything about it was spectacular to me.

A couple of things became clear in my head: we celebrated a throwaway society we had become convinced was good for us; we continue to live in this learned way, relatively unabated; and now, we are dealing with the collateral damage of what’s apparently a misuse of and hostility toward the planet – one resource we cannot just throw away and replace.

I felt passionately that we needed to kind of hit the rewind or undo button and change this behavior that had become engrained so deeply in our culture. But could we double back and choose that other path we’d missed, now that we all knew better? While challenging, I believed it was possible to do this on some levels. However, businesses had to help us get back on track to a keep-and-clean lifestyle. Convinced we had to refill (much like the iconic milkmen did), I thought about some of basics people buy regularly (like shampoo) that a business could help them get easily but more responsibly in the 21st century. Voilà Futurefill.

Where and how can students order products?

On our website Futurefill.com, you can order 12-ounce bottles of the luxury botanical products of your choice and any of our refill plans. We’ll deliver your order to you. When you need more product, you visit the site again to let us know which product you’d like for your refill. You can always change product every time you refill. And we deliver the refills too.

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November 22nd, 2015

CU Closets: Jesy Arriaga

oaKyn7sforknWJTUelP_7uevtHDGNyavYjWK-g5c5R4,sRheVyiZhGzhlrkvn-NaIK2qbE51G4vOfo8kvRtadac Name: Jesy Arriaga
College/Class year: Columbia College 2016
Major: Art History

What are you listening to right now?

Throw Dem Gunz by Lil Ugly Mane.

How would you describe your style?
Dementor and Carine Roitfeld meets Nazgûl.Full Story »

November 17th, 2015

CU Vanities: Sosa Omorogbe

12271156_10208016265469914_757004435_o Name: Sosa Omorogbe
College/Class year: CC ’18
Major: Urban Studies
Instagram: @sosamimosa

What are some of your favorite products of the season?
I don’t really have seasonal favourites when it comes to makeup. I have all time favourites – BlackUp foundation, MAC powder (Studio Fix and Mineralize Skinfinish), MAC Gold deposit, Urban Decay eyeliner in perversion, Cetaphil. I buy those products in bulk. Oh but it’s winter right now so maybe I should say Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, coconut oil, and a good lip balm!Full Story »

November 10th, 2015

Menswear: Autumn Accents

CC Freshman Kosta Karakashyan shares with Hoot a dreamy photoset of Columbia college style against the lights of Butler library. Sam Choi and Alexis Marin model some of the most prominent trends in menswear right now.


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November 8th, 2015

CU Closets: Sam Safari


Name: Sam Safari

College/Class year: CC ‘19

Major: Political Science

What music are you listening to right now?

Currently back and forth between disclosure’s “Caracal” and Sinatra’s “In the Wee Small Hours”. My music taste is pretty eclectic. On some days all I’ll listen to is Persian music and others all I listen to is old school rap.

How would you describe your style?

Unpredictable. I like to switch up, whether it’s aesthetic or sweats or a suit or simple everyday. I don’t feel like my style confines to a certain genre; it’s intersectional, it acknowledges the existence of boundaries and doesn’t abide by them.Full Story »

November 7th, 2015

CU Vanities: Sophia Richards

nkPYe2jnG-AepZUnk7Y8W1O98642eKF0Q1m71rSowjkName: Sophia Richards

College/Class year: Barnard 2018

Major: Theatre

What music are you listening to right now?
Literally as I write this “Baby” by DakhaBrakha. On the whole: Earl Sweatshirt, Cocteau Twins, Laura Marling, FKA Twigs, SZA, Wet, Lianne La Havas, Taylor Mcferrin, Dirty Projectors

What are some of your favorite beauty products at the moment?
I have the insane privilege of working as a beauty assistant at Nylon, so I get pretty much whatever I want for free. So I feel pretty stupid/privileged/surreal saying that I use all this crazy nice stuff because I definitely didn’t pay for it, so keep that in mind. The Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation is amazing. It looks beautiful/like nothing, but with a little more presence than, say, Glossier Skin Tints. And it stayyyssss. Also the Chosungah Dong Gong Minn Brow Maker is stupid good and changed my life a little. My semi-famous brows are only half-real because they’re naturally pretty sparse, and this makes them look Delevingne-thick with like zero evidence and lasts forever. The Burberry eyeshadow single in Almond is super reliable. The only things I’ll say I’m in a lifelong relationship with are Caudalie Premier Cru The Elixir, Pond’s Cold Cream, and the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes. I’ll also be wearing the brand new Narciso Rodriguez fragrance all winter (I’ve been told that it makes me smell like a man in the best way possible), and coconut oil endures across seasons.

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October 21st, 2015

The Fashion Apps You Need to Download

VendorFair-15As college students, we are always on the go and unfortunately, it’s difficult to sit down with a fashion magazine and flip through the beautiful, glossy pages to find style inspiration. Luckily there are apps for that. When in need of inspiration, I go to the app folder on my phone labelled “Shopping.” Despite its name, it’s not elusively a folder for shopping apps but for any app that pertains to style, fashion news, and, of course, shopping. Whether I’m on the subway or in a class, I can always access these apps for inspiration. Here’s the short list of Barnard and Columbia’s favorite fashion apps:

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October 18th, 2015

CU Vanities: Bianca Brooks


Name: Bianca Brooks
College/Class year: CC ’18
Major: Architecture


What are some of your favorite beauty brands or products at the moment?

I feel like I am entering my Diana Ross “Glow Girl” era. I recently started wearing really dramatic lashes and a lot of highlighter. I use Kiss lashes in “Beyond Naturale 03” and MAC bronzer in “Gold Deposit.” Because we’re entering fall, I’ve been using muted and nude lipsticks paired with dark lipliners. I love “Beurre” from MAC, which is a muted brownish-pink liner that I wear with Smith’s Rosebud lip balm. Liners tend to be drying, so I use a moisturizing agent like coconut oil or Smith’s to condition them, which is especially important in the winter.
Given that I’ve begun to pile on highlighter and creams for contouring, I’ve also begun to take a lot better care of my skin. I love 100% Organic African Black Soap, because it works wonders for acne problem areas. It can be drying, though, so I make sure to moisturize with Lubriderm oil-less face moisturizer and a bit of coconut oil.Full Story »


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