September 17th, 2016

NY Fashion Week: Tadashi Shoji

Every season, Tadashi Shoji impresses with flowing gowns and flattering silhouettes. His pieces move down the runway with a vibrant elegance that captivates the audience and sends every dress-lover in the room into a trance. This season was no exception, showcasing intricate lace and embroidery, punctuated by soft plumes that bounced with the models. Check out some of the best looks below:



Photos by Phoebe Jones for Hoot Magazine.

September 12th, 2016

NY Fashion Week: Street Style

Twice a year, in February and September, fashion’s finest crowd into spaces across New York City to watch models prance back and forth across runways while wearing the latest trends. But outside those tents, galleries, and event houses, an even more exciting show occurs. Bloggers, models, actors, artists, and influencers (including, sometimes, Hoot editors!) are also on display, trying to catch the lens of street style photographers. The scene outside the shows can be chaotic, with crowds of attendees and photographers trying either to get inside or get their shot. Photographers will chase after celebrities and bloggers, pushing past the rest of the crowd to get their shot. And with all the camera competition, they have to be on their game to catch these high-profile people dashing to and from shows and venues.

Hoot Photo Director Phoebe Jones and Editor-in-Chief Anisa Tavangar hung around outside some shows to try to capture that scene. Check out the photos:

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August 24th, 2016

A Week in Outfits: Nicola Kirkpatrick

[This summer, Hoot is highlighting a week in outfits as told by stylish CU students at their various jobs and internships. Here, Nicola Kirkpatrick (BC ’19) tells us about her internship at the senatorial campaign for Los Angeles Attorney General Kamala Harris. Needless to say, Nicola is an SGA queen.]


While I spent the first half of summer in NYC, I decided to escape the humidity and spend the second half back home in Los Angeles! Here, I have been working on Attorney General (AG) Kamala Harris’s campaign for U.S. Senate. Much like the candidate herself, the campaign’s staff and interns are exuberant, passionate, and dedicated to winning the upcoming election; these traits can be seen in the “business very casual” dress code.



When I get up early and prepare for the 75 minute drive to work in classic LA traffic, I like to think of who I am trying to get elected. I typically start off the week on the business side of things, since the AG is often in the office then.
[Nicola wears an Aritzia top, H&M pants, and Free People block heels.]


Although NYC has us beat when it comes to humidity, LA and I still get pretty toasty. On those warm days, long, flowy skirts and tied or cropped button downs are a fun summer look.
[Nicola wears a shirt and skirt from Anthropologie and Tory Burch heels.]


When working on campaigns, time goes by quickly since there is so much to do; this haste can often been seen in my daily attire. I tend to favor white jeans and a blouse for work, and often steal my mom’s blush leather jacket to complete my “three piece” rule. On my first day of work, a co-worker told me the dress code was best described as, “three pieces – no more, no less.”
[Nicola wears Hudson jeans and Tory Burch sandals.]


I don’t usually wear bright colors, but this dress, with its pleats and long skirt, lured me in at the store. It may not truthfully follow the above three piece rule, however when I find an appropriate work dress (length and all), I wear it as often as I can!
[Nicola wear an Anthropologie dress and BCBG clutch.]


On Fridays we leave early, well usually at least. I save my cutest and coolest for the end of the week, and challenge the dress code a bit by wearing open-toed sandals. Whether I am catching up with old friends or hanging out with new ones from work, this outfit easily goes from day to night.
[Nicola wears an Alice and Olivia dress and Tory Burch cross body bag.]

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August 10th, 2016

A Week in Outfits: Imani Randolph

[This summer, Hoot is highlighting a week in outfits as told by stylish CU students at their various jobs and internships. Here, Imani Randoph (BC ’18) tells us about her internship at The FADER and gives some great DIY tips.]
As soon as I began thinking about college, I began envisioning New York City; interning at The FADER this summer was the first moment where my reality seemed to match up with my imagination. Although being the Style Editorial Intern for a magazine and website that primarily focuses on music is not conventional fashion experience, it’s given me real experience that I would not trade for anything. During the span of my internship I’ve gone behind the scenes at fashion shows, learned how to conduct a solid interview, and crafted clickable content, that collectively amasses to 100k+ in social media attention.


Pro: The FADER office does not have a “dress code.” Con: The air conditioning is always booming, so layers are must. I’ve been super into slip dresses recently because you get countless styling options. I was running around at Men’s NYFW shows this day, so I threw on air maxes to be functional, but jazzed up the look by layering a ton of gold necklaces.
[Imani wears a vintage dress and bomber, and Nike sneakers]



Relaxed-fit denim is a total must for getting dressed in a hot New York summer because you simultaneously get style and comfort. Recently, I’ve gotten into quick, DIY wardrobe additions: these shorts were cut from a pair of men’s jeans I found at a thrift shop and the choker is suede lace I picked up from a craft store.
[Imani wears a Zara top and vintage Mudd sandals]



Although doing work around the city has been the most memorable part of my internship, most days have been spent in the office working on articles. No fuss, minimalist outfits are my go-to so that I can focus on my writing.
[Imani wears a vintage dress, handmade choker, and Nike sandals]


So many of The FADER’s staff members rock very neutral color schemes, (one of the higher-ups wears all black errethang erreday), which has definitely rubbed off on me. That being said, I try to enhance my simplistic ‘fits with interesting silhouettes and accessories.

[Imani wears a American Apparel top, American Eagle jeans, and Asos shoes]


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July 31st, 2016

A Week in Outfits: Juliette Kang

[This summer, Hoot is highlighting a week in outfits as told by stylish CU students at their various jobs and internships. Here, Juliette Kang (CC ’18) tells us about her internship at Man Repeller, including helping out former Hoot EiC Krista on photoshoots and discovering the best ice cream in the city.]


In early high school one of my go-to websites was a fashion blog called Man Repeller. Back then, Man Repeller was a blog (or maybe time hole?) where you could endlessly scroll through image after image of “man-repelling” outfits. The style of the Man Repeller (Leandra Medine!) had always followed a single mantra: dress in something so eccentric that it was repelling to the opposite sex. This slightly off-putting and odd style is something that has definitely rubbed off in my own personal style. Now, six years later, Man Repeller has evolved into a fully fledged website, no longer just photos of THE Man Repeller herself, but a website that now includes humorous and thoughtful pieces on fashion, health, beauty, wellness, dating, and culture. Most importantly it has some really  ~~*SICK*~ visuals that I, as a visuals intern under my boss and former Hoot Mag co-Editor-in-Chief, Krista Anna Lewis ‘15 help to create. 


day -1

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July 24th, 2016

A Week in Outfits: Anisa Tavangar

[This summer, Hoot is highlighting a week in outfits as told by stylish CU students at their various jobs and internships. Here, Anisa Tavangar (BC ’18), Hoot’s Editor-in-Chief, tells us about her internship at issuu, where she dipped her toe into Silicon Valley life.]


I never imaged myself working at a startup but after meeting the issuu team when they invited Hoot to participate in their Generators Camp, a meeting of millennial publishers, I became interested in the world of digital publishing. Of course, we publish Hoot online but before talking with those other publishers, I didn’t really explore the other content on issuu. Working at issuu, I’m able to spend time discovering other fashion and student-run publications and additional magazines made by people all over the world.  I’m part of the marketing team, which has allowed me to find ways to bring that amazing content to a wider audience, and work on an exciting project that is soon to come!


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July 11th, 2016

A Week in Outfits: Francesca Butterfield

[This summer, Hoot is highlighting a week in outfits as told by stylish CU students at their various jobs and internships. Here, Francesca Butterfield (BC ’19) tells us about her internship at 511 Gallery, which includes a lot of updos, new discoveries, and, obviously, art.]


Entering Barnard, I never would have thought I’d want to stay in the city the summer after my first year. But as the end of the year approached, I found myself becoming attracted to the idea of spending my summer gaining experience through an internship. I’m still relatively unsure of what I want to do career-wise, and I think the best way to figure out what’s right for you is to try internships is various fields. This summer, I wanted to explore my interest in working at an art gallery.

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June 29th, 2016

A Week In Outfits: Charlotte Spritz

[This summer, Hoot is highlighting a week in outfits as told by stylish CU students at their various jobs and internships. Here, Charlotte Spritz (BC ’18) tells us about her internship at Elle where she spends a lot of time on set for photoshoots and around cool people.]


I think my interest in fashion honestly started with me binge watching America’s Next Top Model in 6th grade, but since then it’s been a consistent passion of mine, which has lead me to my internship this summer at Elle Magazine. My specific internship is under the Associate Fashion Editor whose job is to cover the menswear market as well as style photoshoots for the magazine. Since I’m the only intern to my boss, it means that I split my time between working in the fashion closet at the Elle office and assisting my boss on set for photoshoots.

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May 31st, 2016

A Week In Outfits: Abbie Kim

[This summer, Hoot will highlight a week in outfits as told by stylish CU students at their various jobs and internships. In this first installment, we asked Abbie Kim (BC ’17) to tell us about her work at the HVW8 (pronounced “heavyweight”) Gallery in LA and how she dresses for such a design-oriented gig.]


My intent this year was to follow my passion for art and work the gallery world. I wanted to work with a gallery that was in touch with culture, and I was fortunate to come across such a match with HVW8 Gallery. The majority of the artists that we work with have heavy ties into other fields as well- whether that be sports, skateboarding, or music just to name a few. I started working with HVW8 Gallery in the fall of 2015 where I interned at their recently opened Berlin location. When I returned to the States I went on to travel with the gallery with a Bernie Sanders group art show— the Art of a Political Revolution. I’m happy to finally be settled at their home base in Los Angeles where I will be working as a gallery assistant and selling art this summer.

A photo posted by Abigail. Abbie. AK. e t c (@abigailkim) on

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April 30th, 2016

The Spring/Summer 2016 Issue is Here!

Check it out:

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February 29th, 2016

Milan Fashion Week: Anna K

With the word “millennial” thrown around so often, we almost forgot what it actually means but Anna K is here to remind us. At 20 years of age and four collections under her belt (shown in Kiev, London, New York, and now Milan), she representations of the power of youth.

Her latest collection, aptly named “Guest From the Future”, takes us out of this world and introduces us to the next generation of intergalactic young women coming from a different space and time. The collection imagines how much power to shape the zeitgeist coming generations will have.

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