A Make Up For Ever Holiday | The Classic

You can never go wrong with a classic red-lip and some twinkle in the eyes for a holiday look.  Tutorial by Anisa Tavangar using the Make Up Forever Studio Case. Check out the review she did here if you haven’t already!


Pack 516 onto the eyelid, keeping the color below the crease.


With a larger brush (or your finger), sweep 530 across the brow bone to lift the eyes without going overboard with the shimmer.


Lightly dust 122 onto the inner corner of the eyes. Tap excess shadow off your brush before applying to avoid too harsh of a highlight.


On a thin angled brush, line the outer half of the upper lash line with The gunmetal shadow will help to define the eyes while serving as a festive metallic twist.


Contour, bronze, blush, highlight— do whatever you are comfortable with to complete your face. Opt for a red-toned blush to coordinate with the lips.


Apply a matte red lipstick.

DSC_0232 DSC_0240 DSC_0238


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A Make Up For Ever Holiday | Green Flashes


Want to stand out from the holiday reds and sequined festive looks? Flash those flirty lashes and a pop of gorgeous green eyeliner with this look! Tutorial by Anisa Tavangar using the Make Up Forever Studio Case. Check out the review she did here if you haven’t already!

Brush 544 over the eyelid and a little into the crease. The base of this look should stay simple in anticipation for the bring wing to come.


Lift the eye by sweeping 516 onto the brow bone.


Take your favorite black liquid or gel eyeliner and draw on winged liner. Do not be afraid to make your line a little thicker and wing a littler longer than usual— this look is supposed to be bold!


With a thin angled brush, carefully pat 236 over the black line created in the previous step. The black base will help the green stand out.

DSC_0112 DSC_0116

Highlight the inner corners of the eyes with 516.


Curl the lashes and apply your favorite mascara.


Contour, bronze, blush, highlight— do whatever you are comfortable with to complete your face.


Apply a matte natural color to your lip, avoiding anything that might outshine the eyes.

DSC_0143 DSC_0151

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A Make Up For Ever Holiday | A Kiss of Warmth


With the weather a bit colder outside, warm up your face with this neutral yet oh-so-sexy look. Tutorial by Anisa Tavangar using the Make Up Forever Studio Case. Check out the review she did here if you haven’t already!


Place 828 onto the outer and inner corners of the eye. Make sure to leave the center of the lids free of this shadow.

Pack 826 onto the center of the lids and carefully blend the outer edges of the look and lightly blend the edges between 828 and 826, making sure to leave a distinction between the shades.


Brush 826 along the lower lash line for some added definition.


Use 530 along the brow bone to lift the eyes and clean up any dark shadow that made its way too far up the crease.


Create the appearance of thicker lashes by lining the eyes with Artist Liner in M-10.


Curl the lashes and apply your favorite mascara.


Highlight the inner corners of the eyes with 122 to bring light to this dark look.


Bronze and blush the face, mimicking the warmth of the eyes.


Apply a subtle nude lipstick to keep the focus on the eyes.

DSC_0193 DSC_0200 DSC_0199

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A Make Up For Ever Holiday | Wine Lips and Sultry Eyes

If you are looking to bring some drama to that holiday or New Year’s party, go bold on the eyes and the lips. It’s not overkill if you can strike that perfect balance. Anisa shows us how to create this look with deep burgundy hues using the Make Up For Ever Studio Case. Read the review she did here!


Cover the eye area— from lash line to brow bone— with 530 to act as a base, making blending shadows easier in the coming steps. Sweep 524 onto the eyelid. A light color like this on the lid helps to open the eyes in a dark eye look. 


Line the waterline and lower lash line with the Artist Liner in M-10.


Before the liner has time to set, blend it out with 100 and 826. Focus 100 on the outer half of the lower lash line and 826 at the center.DSC_0049

Define the crease and outer corner of the eyelid with 826 to balance some of the darkness created on the lower lash line.

DSC_0056Curl the lashes and apply your favorite mascara.


Skip blush and lightly contour and highlight the face instead to match the intensity of the eyes.


Apply a dark plum lip liner and lipstick.




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A Make Up For Ever Holiday | A Review

The folks over at Make Up For Ever certainly know beauty. Iconic products with cult followings make up most of their product line so it is no wonder that they came up with some amazing holiday 2014 sets. One of these sets, the Studio Case ($59.50), includes twelve shadows from the brand’s new Artist Shadow line and a full sized Artist Liner in black.


The pros:

  • Finding a palette with a good mix of shades is not easy. A lot of products have too many neutrals, too many darks, or too many bright colors but with the Studio Case, you will get a little bit of everything.
  • When buying individual eyeshadows, sticking to your comfort zone is the easiest choice but this sometimes means owning ten of the same shade by accident. Unconventional shades like a beautiful cranberry (D-826) expand your eyeshadow collection and the number of looks you can do.
  • The full sized Artist Liner is a major perk. For liner lovers like myself, this eyeliner is smooth, very black, and does not budge. If eyeliner rarely makes it into your looks, owning a black like this is a great way to branch out and this particular one can be easily blended to look less harsh.
  • The shadow formula is really wonderful. The colors are pigmented, smooth, and blend easily. Even if the palette does not seem like something you would buy, the other shades in the range are taking a look at the next time you find yourself in a Sephora.


The cons:

  • There is a serious lack of mattes and the one matte shadow is a base color and is too light for defining. Sure, there are metallic, duochrome, shimmer, and iridescent formulas but those are all just variations of “not matte”.  These “not matte” shadows are great for the holiday season when the emphasis is on glitter everything but less practical for year-round use and creating defined looks for the daytime.
  • The size of the shadows in the palette should also be considered before purchase. Full sized Artist Shadows come with 0.07oz of product but this palette’s pans hold only 0.024oz of product. If you don’t normally wear eyeshadow this will not be a problem but be warned, if you purchase the palette and fall in love with a particular shade, you will run out of it very quickly.
  • While the idea of a sturdy outer box is nice and looks great as a gift, it is not practical. A lot of unnecessary space around each shadow means that the box is much bigger than it needs to be. The palette isn’t great for travel because of this but at least there is a decent sized mirror.



first row

First Row: M-530, ME-122, D-236, I-524

second row

Second Row: S-516, ME-108, D-926, D-826

third row
Third Row: I-544, M-100, I-218, ME-828



Check out four looks you can whip up for any festivity using this palette (click on the images for the respective tutorials to come!) Let us know which one you’d rock this season. C

Wine Lips and Sultry Eyes



Classic Holiday

Warm & Smoky



A Flash of Green



Anisa Tavangar on insta





If you hadn’t heard, HOOT is doing a Stoop Swap today! Come to the Barnard Quad from 3-5pm to swap and sell anything you desire. There will be cotton candy, music, and lots of fashion! See you there.



CU Closets: Dylan Cooper

CU Closets is back!

JTS/GS ’18 student Sarah Belz gives Hoot a sneak peek into Columbia students’ wardrobes.


Name: Dylan Cooper

School: CC 2018

Major: Neuroscience & Behavior/ Pre-Med



Dylan defines his style as “All-American.” He enjoys sporting the preppy look, which he believes will always remain trendy. At the same time, Dylan loves to go bold.

“My father told me you ‘got to play the part.'” So if he is playing ball or hitting the gym, that means he is wearing his Adidas or Nike’s latest sportswear. But if he is going to class, he likes to be seen in his bright colored skinny pants topped with a printed shirt.

“We have a family policy not to purchase any full-priced clothes, so everything I own was bought on sale,” he added.



Favorite Fall Outfit:

Vineyard Vines breaker pants or black skinny jeans, topped with either a Lacoste or Brooks Brothers polo with a cardigan.

He likes wearing a bright color pant with a darker top because it makes for a good outfit during this transitional period.



Favorite Shoes:

Dylan reps his Memphis, Tennessee roots by bringing out the Blue Suede Shoes.

“To Boot New York has a great selection of kicks, especially the Medford collection, and if they’re not doing the trick, you can always lace ‘em up with bright colors. I know Johnston and Murphy has inexpensive, fun laces that can brighten up any shoe.”



Go-To Outfit:

“I wear a Pokémon-based yarmulke that has my name on it, a warm smile, a Bonobos Poplin cotton casual shirt, a Vineyard Vines whale belt, Façonnable pants, beige socks, and my To Boot blue suede shoes. It doesn’t get any better than that.”



Most Outrageous Outfit:

“[That] has got to be these Club Monaco graphite pants with a heart print that my girlfriend got for me. I wore them on a date to Times Square, and I’ve never gotten so many looks in my life – people left and right were asking me where I got them from… I haven’t worn them since, but I must admit they were a great gift.”



Most Unique Fashion Collection:

As an Orthodox Jew, Dylan also has a unique yarmulke collection.

“I’m wearing one all day every day – I see that not as a bore, rather as an opportunity.”

Dylan uses his yarmulkes to bring out his inner child. His yarmulkes include characters from childhood hit series, including but not limited to, Pokemon, Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse, Rugrats, and Thomas & Friends.


Sarah Belz


Halloween Recap

And we’re already back from break but here’s a recap of some Halloween looks we caught across campus. Don’t you miss it already?
Krishana as “Paying for Her Education”

Izzy as Army Nurse


Adiya & Faith as Two Blind Mice


Claire as Mime 


Josie & Adele as Lucky Cat & Hawaiian Luau Girl 


Daniel as Nerd


Sarah & Dylan as Superpeeps


Kayla & Laura as Festive Pink Wig & A Cat


Luke as Michael Jackson


John as Lumberjack


Dorothy as Dorothy 



Taylor Quinn

Halloween Makeup Series: Skull Face

It’s the night before Halloween! Here’s our final makeup look to get you ready for that dramatic appearance at whatever festivity you’re planning to attend.




Start off with your normal base.





Black out the eye sockets and nose as shown with a gel eyeliner. Set with black eyeshadow.



Using a white eyeliner or shadow base, create a base for the teeth, concentrating the color toward the center line and creating a slight gradient.



With the gel or liquid liner, sketch a black line from each side of the mouth until the end of the eyes.



Add vertical lines across the lines just drawn and the mouth.


 Create curved lines at the sides of the mouth as pictured. Fill with the black gel liner and set with black eyeshadow.




Using black eyeshadow, add definition between the brows, at the temples, and around the ‘teeth’ and cheeks to complete the look.



Be sure to show us your looks by tagging us @Hootmag


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20 Frightful Tunes

Halloween is notoriously a holiday of last minute planning, whether it’s what costume you’re going to wear or what party you’re going to go to. However, there is nothing worse than not having a good Halloween playlist on hand; you’ll end up listening to the same few Halloween songs over and over, and let’s be honest, there is nothing worse than having ‘Monster Mash’ stuck in your head as you nurse your post-Halloween hangover.  emoji

But no fear, we’ve got you covered with a killer 20 song playlist that will be sure to get you and your friends feeling sexy, scary, and ready for a ghoulishly wild night out.


Song List:

1. Howlin’ For You – The Black Keys

2. Glory and Gore – Lorde

3. Monster Hospital (MSTRKRFT Remix) – Metric

4. Pumpin Blood (The Chainsmokers Remix) – NONONO

5. Black Roses – Charli XCX

6. Cry Like A Ghost – Passion Pit

7. Hunting For Witches – Bloc Party

8. Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix) – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

9. The Ghost Inside – Broken Bells

10. Moar Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff – deadmau5

11. My Friends Never Die – Odesza

12. Withcraft – Wolfmother

13. EDM Death Machine – Knife Party

14. Spiderwebs – No Doubt

15. Boneless – Steve Aoki

16. The Fear – Lily Allen

17. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites – Skrillex

18. Trick or Treatz – Metronomy

19. Ghost – Ella Henderson

20. Ghouls (Tha New Team Remix) – We Are Scientist


Ava Tunniicliffe on twitter & blog

Halloween Makeup Series: Broken Doll

The last look too spacey for you? Learn how to recreate this broken doll look for a spooky cute look. No frills.



Start off with your normal base and highlight the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin with a matte product to make the skin a paler tone






With white eyeliner, extend the lower lash line down and white out the lower lashes




Apply a base to the eyelids and sweep a shimmering pink eyeshadow to the lids and a matte light brown to the crease. Highlight the brow bone with a matte white shadow.




Line the bottom of the white area created by the white eyeliner applied previously




Draw fake lashes extending from the line just drawn




Line the upper lash line with black eyeliner, making the line thickest at the center to make the eyes appear wider  and apply fake lashes to the upper lashes and finish off the eyes with a coat of mascara




Apply a pink blush to the apples of the cheeks, keeping the color concentrated to give a rosy doll-like effect




Conceal the lips with whatever base used earlier




Redraw your lips with a lip liner, making them smaller than your normal lips and fill in the shape with a matching pink lipstick





Create cracks with a gel or liquid eyeliner and highlight the cracks with a white eyeliner



Anisa Tavangar on insta