July 24th, 2016

A Week in Outfits: Anisa Tavangar

[This summer, Hoot is highlighting a week in outfits as told by stylish CU students at their various jobs and internships. Here, Anisa Tavangar (BC ’18), Hoot’s Editor-in-Chief, tells us about her internship at issuu, where she dipped her toe into Silicon Valley life.]


I never imaged myself working at a startup but after meeting the issuu team when they invited Hoot to participate in their Generators Camp, a meeting of millennial publishers, I became interested in the world of digital publishing. Of course, we publish Hoot online but before talking with those other publishers, I didn’t really explore the other content on issuu. Working at issuu, I’m able to spend time discovering other fashion and student-run publications and additional magazines made by people all over the world.  I’m part of the marketing team, which has allowed me to find ways to bring that amazing content to a wider audience, and work on an exciting project that is soon to come!


I usually bike to work so I can’t wear a lot of dresses. It can be kind of restrictive because I don’t like wearing jeans all the time but this jumpsuit has been a lifesaver. Wearing it feels like I’m in pajamas and the fabric is light enough that it works in sunny Palo Alto.

[Anisa wears a Vince jumpsuit and Franco Sarto slides.]



Culottes are my new favorite thing. They’re so airy and comfortable and make me look way cooler than I actually am. My office can get cold so I also threw on this awesome vintage green leather jacket that I got at a Housing Works in the West Village.

[Anisa wears a Calypso St. Barth top, Zara culottes, a vintage jacket, and Zara shoes.]



On this day, I went to Stanford’s campus with a coworker and her friend to work on an upcoming profile that issuu is working on about Hoot. The relationship between Hoot and issuu means that we can reach a larger audience and share what we’ve learned about making a magazine with other publishers.

[Anisa wears a Leith dress, Edas Jewels earrings, and Fenty Puma sneakers.]



I spend most days at my desk, nothing too special, but today, I got the chance to tour Google’s campus. The campus far exceeded my expectations, with Google buildings as far as the eye can see and cafes and gardens around every corner. It’s insane.

[Anisa wears a Uniqlo t-shirt, Zara culottes, and Zara shoes.]



Working in Palo Alto has been a bit of a sartorial challenge because most people dress very casually and rarely wear black. To prevent standing out too much, I try to wear some color every once in a while and stick to simple silhouettes. I’m definitely not about to spend my days in a boxy t-shirt and jeans so this is about as casual as I get.

[Anisa wears a Topshop tank, BDG jeans, and Fenty Puma sneakers.]


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July 11th, 2016

A Week in Outfits: Francesca Butterfield

[This summer, Hoot is highlighting a week in outfits as told by stylish CU students at their various jobs and internships. Here, Francesca Butterfield (BC ’19) tells us about her internship at 511 Gallery, which includes a lot of updos, new discoveries, and, obviously, art.]


Entering Barnard, I never would have thought I’d want to stay in the city the summer after my first year. But as the end of the year approached, I found myself becoming attracted to the idea of spending my summer gaining experience through an internship. I’m still relatively unsure of what I want to do career-wise, and I think the best way to figure out what’s right for you is to try internships is various fields. This summer, I wanted to explore my interest in working at an art gallery.

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June 29th, 2016

A Week In Outfits: Charlotte Spritz

[This summer, Hoot is highlighting a week in outfits as told by stylish CU students at their various jobs and internships. Here, Charlotte Spritz (BC ’18) tells us about her internship at Elle where she spends a lot of time on set for photoshoots and around cool people.]


I think my interest in fashion honestly started with me binge watching America’s Next Top Model in 6th grade, but since then it’s been a consistent passion of mine, which has lead me to my internship this summer at Elle Magazine. My specific internship is under the Associate Fashion Editor whose job is to cover the menswear market as well as style photoshoots for the magazine. Since I’m the only intern to my boss, it means that I split my time between working in the fashion closet at the Elle office and assisting my boss on set for photoshoots.

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May 31st, 2016

A Week In Outfits: Abbie Kim

[This summer, Hoot will highlight a week in outfits as told by stylish CU students at their various jobs and internships. In this first installment, we asked Abbie Kim (BC ’17) to tell us about her work at the HVW8 (pronounced “heavyweight”) Gallery in LA and how she dresses for such a design-oriented gig.]


My intent this year was to follow my passion for art and work the gallery world. I wanted to work with a gallery that was in touch with culture, and I was fortunate to come across such a match with HVW8 Gallery. The majority of the artists that we work with have heavy ties into other fields as well- whether that be sports, skateboarding, or music just to name a few. I started working with HVW8 Gallery in the fall of 2015 where I interned at their recently opened Berlin location. When I returned to the States I went on to travel with the gallery with a Bernie Sanders group art show— the Art of a Political Revolution. I’m happy to finally be settled at their home base in Los Angeles where I will be working as a gallery assistant and selling art this summer.

A photo posted by Abigail. Abbie. AK. e t c (@abigailkim) on

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April 30th, 2016

The Spring/Summer 2016 Issue is Here!

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February 29th, 2016

Milan Fashion Week: Anna K

With the word “millennial” thrown around so often, we almost forgot what it actually means but Anna K is here to remind us. At 20 years of age and four collections under her belt (shown in Kiev, London, New York, and now Milan), she representations of the power of youth.

Her latest collection, aptly named “Guest From the Future”, takes us out of this world and introduces us to the next generation of intergalactic young women coming from a different space and time. The collection imagines how much power to shape the zeitgeist coming generations will have.

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February 26th, 2016

Backstage at NYFW

NYFW F/W’16 was my first fashion week. I had dreamed of getting involved with fashion week after watching the first season of Project Runway at the age of 7. Helping out backstage this season was one of the best experiences of my life and I felt as if I was teleported into a world where everyone understood that fashion as an essential part life. NYFW F/W’16 was absolute perfection. My only regret of the week was not buying an unlimited MetroCard.

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February 25th, 2016

Interview With Designer Preston Douglas Boyer


As a proud native Texan, my heart swells two sizes too big at the mere mention of home, so landing the chance to interview fellow Houstonian and luxury designer Preston Douglas Boyer was a rare treat. Fresh from Fashion Week, the young self-styled entrepreneur exudes the cool confidence of all the Houstonian greats: firmly rooted in the H and ready to take on the world. Sitting with Preston and his production manager Harry Patterson, the triumphant underdog tale echoed shades of the greatest of all Houston exports: Beyonce. Always stay humble, the best revenge is your paper.


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February 16th, 2016

NY Fashion Week: Tadashi Shoji

Tadashi Shoji’s FW 16 show, held at Moynihan Station, combined tribal inspirations, body-suits, and sequins to produce a diverse and elegant display. The collection embraced the female body, exhibiting a blend of floor-length and form-fitting pieces and reflecting Shoji’s expertise in evening wear.

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February 12th, 2016

NY Fashion Week: Marissa Webb

Maybe it was the fact that I managed to snag an (empty) front row seat but Marissa Web’s FW16 blew me away. The show effortlessly transitioned from structured, masculine fabrics to weightless dresses in bright colors to innovative layering of textures and opacities. Encompassed in the collection was every kind of piece one would wear— suits, gowns, cocktail dresses, t-shirts. It even ended with the most amazing turtleneck “groutfit” a-la Drake in his Hotline Bling video. This version was beautifully pumped up with a red faux fur coat— maybe something Drizzy can keep in mind for his next video? There were a couple pieces that I wasn’t as thrilled about, namely those adorned with thin bows, but that might be a consequence of my affinity for simple pieces.


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February 11th, 2016

NY Fashion Week: Sachin & Babi

Sachin and Babi’s FW 16 collection triumphs. Housed in 632 Hudson, the exquisite antique collection, roaring fireplace, and opulent chandeliers make it hard not to feel transported while viewing the striking pieces. Elegantly presented, the clothing draws on the inherit grace of the female form. Rich fabrics and florals create the impression of a strong, powerful femininity across the collection.

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