February 23rd, 2017

NYFW FW17: Photos from Photographers

During the event-filled and exciting week of NYFW, Hoot was able to send photographers (Grace Nkem, Caroline Wallis, and our very own Phoebe Jones) to attend and document shows from Anastasiia Ivanova, Leanne Marshall, Nicholas K, and Telfar. Take a look at some images that capture their experiences:

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February 22nd, 2017

CU Closets: Kea de Buretel

Name: Kea de Buretel 

College/Class year: Columbia College 2020

Major: Visual Art 

Campus involvements: WBAR, Postcrypt, CU Artist Society, Columbia Bartending, Ratrock

What are you wearing right now, and what was your thought process when getting dressed?

I’m wearing a Louis Vuitton lingerie tank-type thing I got at Salvation Army, an oversized Hawaiian shirt, some M. i. h Jeans and my scuffed up Nike Air Force 1s. Comfort first and foremost! It has been pretty dreary recently which is probably why I’ve been wearing more grays and blacks. 

How would you describe your style? 

Baggy, boyish and a little eclectic. My friend proposed ‘urban kawaii’ which was humoring. 

What is your favorite piece in your closet?
A jacket my mother picked out for me. It’s a retro milky green suede … great for a warmer evening in the city. 


Who has influenced your sense of style the most? 
My family are all pretty stylish I think. Also when I was growing up in London there was seemingly less influence on fashion by high street brands at least among younger years. Everyone had their own thing going on and no one really cared.  

If you could get rid of any current trend, which one would it be?

I don’t think the hypebeast-y stuff going on in the UK at the moment is very creative. Anyone can wear a matching North Face x Supreme tracksuit and get papped these days. 

If you could swap closets with any person ever, who would it be and why?

Binx Walton or Adwoa Aboah. They both have a tomboy-chic vibe going on and don’t wear a lot of loud brands but instead curate pretty effortless outfits that look like they could go both clubbing and skating in. 



Which item do you wear more than any other?

Probably my Keith Haring shirt I got for a couple bucks downtown. I think I’m just proud of the find more than anything but it has a great shape and in big red letters reads: ‘City Kids’.

Photos by Alyssa Gengos

February 20th, 2017

NYFW FW17: Christian Siriano, Roumel6, Nicholas K, Laurence and Chico


Walking among the star-studded crowd at Christian Siriano was mildly overwhelming— and then the gowns came out. Glitzy, shimmering, flowing, perfectly fitted to each model perfecting, the show was jaw-dropping from the moment the first dress swept across the runway that had been set up in the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza Hotel. But most stunning of all was what the show represented. Here’s what I wrote on Instagram about it:

The @csiriano show was what fashion should be. Racially and body inclusive, POC on the runway and in the audience, celebrities also known for their activism AND it was all held in a ballroom at @theplazahotel!! My favorite moment, even with all the sparkly drool-worthy gowns, was the t-shirt that read “PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE,” which prompted claps and enthusiasm from the entire crowd. I have been wearing my Farsi nameplate necklace as an ode to my heritage as an Iranian and all of the former and current refugees in my life so this moment on the runway really related to the anxiety that I’ve been feeling in recent weeks. The reaction to this t-shirt was a reminder of the emphasis on inclusivity and diversity within creative communities and how these platforms can be used to make people feel accepted and at home. It was special to witness. Thanks @csiriano 💕 


Roumel6’s presentation was condensed, but effective. Three models lounged around a centerpiece chair, taking turns going backstage and changing into a new look. “To find your true self, you must break the mold. You will discover the beautiful coexistence of fragility, tenderness, strength, anger, love….. Transparency and reflection of its highest form” read the mood board, which was on display. The looks incorporated the textures of deep blue velvet, sunset orange satin, and black lace, with slim, long silhouettes. 


Nicholas K’s Fall/ Winter 2017 Collection was shown last Thursday (2/9) morning at SkylightClarkson Square. We were presented with innovative outerwear, satisfying gradient, velvet, unbalanced hoops, and berets!



February 13th, 2017

Music Mondays: 2/13

Our first installment of Music Mondays:

2/13/17 Midterm Melodies- As midterms are fast approaching, we all need to slow down and take things one step at a time. Find your chill and take a well deserved break to discover new music.

1)  “(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano” by Sampha

2)  “Signal” by SOHN

3)  “Don’t Need U” by Astronomyy

4)  “Homegrown” by Haux

5)  “Redbone” by Childish Gambino

6)  “Coloring” by Kevin Garrett

7)  “Locket (RRReymundo Remix)” by Kilo Kish

8)  “Warm” by SG Lewis

9) ” Speak Easy (Robotaki Remix)” by Mansionair

10)  “Get Low” by James Vincent McMorrow

11)  “You” by Petit Biscuit

12)  “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl” by Wet

13)  “Pressure” by Milk & Bone

14)  “Beautiful Escape (feat. Zak Abel)” by Tom Misch

by Allie Goines

Illustration by Mar Alvarez

February 11th, 2017

NYFW FW17: Hakan Akkaya, Concept Korea, Telfar

My first show of the day was Hakan Akkaya. The all-black collection featured so many textures and shapes, the lack of color was not felt. Shiny, sheer, puffy, ruffled, and furry elements in the show added captivating variety and kept each piece interesting. Unexpected though, was the bizarre mix of, let’s say, levels of exposure. Some models were nearly naked while a few walked out in fashion-forward burqas, nothing but eyes and hands showing. But paired with thigh-high patent boots, even the burqas were sexed up. Overall, the show’s punk vibe came across as what someone who listed to a lot of blink-182 in high school might wear as an adult.


Next, Concept Korea, the annual showcase of rising Korean brands, offered three very different sartorial perspectives. Greedilous by Younhee Park, Kimmy J. by Heejin Kim, and Yohanix by Yohan Kim were featured this year, each presenting co-ed collections.

The first, Greedilous, was like the perfect showcase for the “fashion betch.” Rich tones and luxe fabrics, sunglasses on most models, and mirrored punchy patterns communicated that if you saw one of these models on the street, step out of their way.


When the music changed for Kimmy J., the young audience, especially Shaun Ross, who was sitting across the aisle from me, perked up. Rap blaring, models strutted out in neon green, lilac, and black ensembles that were a cross between street wear, cyber goth, and ski vacation looks. Definitely my favorite of the three.

Finally, Yohanix, while traditionally pretty, was underwhelming after the first two collections. It’s always awkward to sit in a show where the audience is not inspired to lift their phones and capture the clothing but this felt especially uncomfortable after the enthusiasm just minutes before. The clothes were fine,  military jacket sleeves were embellished with pleats mid-sleeve and Banksy figures, but  nothing about them felt exciting. Maybe I’m reaching but it was also disappointing, and I think reflected in the safe clothing, that every model in this leg of the show was white.

Last of the day was Telfar. I went last season and really enjoyed it so my hopes were high. The brand is unisex, and as it says on their site, “it’s not for you— it’s for everyone.” A deep, computer-manipulated voice narrates the show, commenting on global warming and ethnocentrism and disunity, accented with wit and sarcasm. It’s clear that they’re not taking themselves too serious while addressing really serious stuff. The clothes were not overworked, color blocking and playing with proportion without unnecessary additions.  A lot of oversized pieces, hoodies, and no heels or skirts, the emphasis on ease was felt, reflecting not only the growing love for streetwear but a decreasing patience for discomfort.

Written and photographed by Anisa Tavangar.

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January 25th, 2017

The Women’s March

After reading about the march from various news outlets and discussing it in different capacities and mediums, it has become clear that although the march ended late Saturday afternoon (where my friends and I were marching, they closed off the streets early because there were far more people in attendance than anticipated), the noise created by the crowds in D.C. has only gotten louder since.

“Powerful”; “cathartic”; “dissenting”; “offensive”; “radical”; the marches that took place in hundreds of American cities and over 30 countries around the world have been labeled and re-labeled tirelessly in the past few days. With how quickly we have passed judgment in one direction or the other, it is all too easy to dismiss the march and reduce it to an event, a demonstration, a fleeting moment in our nation’s history.

But whether you were there or not, it is important to come to your own conclusions; to not be afraid to discover and assert nuance, to dig for the truth (beyond “alternative facts”), and to deploy an authentic voice – that is to say, turning hashtags into letters and calls to state/local governments, no matter what you’re fighting for.

That being said, Hoot would like to share some images from the weekend, during which several of our editors participated in the Women’s March in Washington, D.C. and New York. We hope sharing this footage will convey our experiences and spark more conversations.


Photos by Mason Murray (CC ’20), Anisa Tavangar (Barnard ’18), Amy Ding (CC ’19), and Marie Li (CC ’19).

Video by Alyssa Gengos (CC ’20).

Story by Marie Li (CC ’19).

December 30th, 2016

The Fall/ Winter 2016 Issue is Here!

Check it out:

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December 5th, 2016

CU Closets: Abbie Kim


Name: Abbie Kim

College/Class year: Barnard Class of 2017

Major: Art History/ Athena Scholars

Campus involvements: CORE, Delta Gamma. Last year I took a gap year to work in with HVW8 Gallery in Berlin, LA, and a little here in NYC so I’m not completely back in the swing of school activities.

What are you wearing right now?

Long sleeve Kanye “TOUR” T-Shirt, pants, and Adidas.Full Story »

November 15th, 2016

An Interview with Princess Nokia

On November 10th, Barnard’s Bold Brilliant Beats brought together DJ Jody, Quay Dash, and Princess Nokia for a celebration of artists of non-dominant identities breaking traditional musical and social boundaries. Hoot caught up with Princess Nokia after the show to talk about sisterhood in the wake of recent social and political events.


November 11th, 2016

Our Seats at the Table

Design by Emma Kenny-Pessia

Design by Emma Kenny-Pessia



















Keenan Teddy Smith

Keenan Teddy Smith

Author’s note: This piece was originally submitted to the Columbia Daily Spectator, but was rejected due to its lack of “accessibility to a wider audience.” Enjoy. 

This piece is based on a conversation recorded about Solange’s new album, A Seat at the Table, and how it speaks to the experiences of Black women and Black queer folk at Columbia. In addition to my own, I have included the voices of friends in varying stages of their four undergraduate years at Columbia, each yielding a different perspective on Black experiences at this university. The conversation began with a discussion of Black internet phenomena, specifically popular Instagram accounts of Black children, courtesy of Elise. We then began introducing ourselves:
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November 10th, 2016

Post-Election Reflections from Peers

After receiving an election result that was unexpected for the majority of students, many turned to social media to voice concerns and stand in support of their peers. Hoot is a platform for fashion and creativity but when crucial events like these occur and there is an outcry by students, we feel a responsibility to use our platform and our access as a media outlet to be a space for students. We gathered posts from friends across social media that we feel reflect the sentiments of our peers and hope that, regardless of political affiliation, we as a campus and as a community can come together to lift each other up and ensure that the voices of all students are heard and valued.

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